Wooden Outdoor ChairsWooden Outdoor Chairs – Major Woods to Do This Job

Beside of the outdoor table, the outdoor chair is also one of the most important components of your outdoor furniture sets. Outdoor chairs can be made from many types of materials such as teak wood, eucalyptus wood, metal, resin, plastic and concrete.

But the main reason to select the right outdoor chair is to select the one that fit your existing furniture set.

So in this story we will be just talking mainly on wooden chair which is the most popular material for outdoor and patio furniture.

Teak: Teak is one of the best woods for outdoor furniture and chair due to its properties of resistant to weathering (sunshine and moisture), resistance to insects, beauty, hard and long lasting in using.

Eucalyptus wood: the furniture that made from eucalyptus wood give very similar to teak but normally just 1/3 in prices. So eucalyptus is now become very popular material right now.

Oak wood:  Oak wood has a very high strength and hardness properties together with the beauty in color. Oak is one of the most widely used for making furniture and flooring.

Pine wood: Pine wood is one of the most commercially tree which not just using for furniture industries, but also for the paper pulp industries. Pine can be used outdoor but not recommended due to its low resistance to insects, so it normally used mainly for indoor furniture.

Maple: Maple wood is a fast growing wood and has become the major material for furniture business and due to its extremely high resistance to the cool weather, so this kind of wood is popular in nortern part of the world such as USA, Northern Europe and Russia.

So finally, the right choice of outdoor chair is not just the major material of the outdoor furniture you have or planning to have, but it is also depending on the properties of those materials, areas of using and your budget.

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