Garden Treasures PergolaWhy Install a Garden Treasures Pergola

When somebody mentions ‘Garden Treasures pergola,’ most of us don’t even know what it means.  It conjures images of exotic Mediterranean structures, of parts of the house derived from Hispanic influences like ‘veranda’ and ‘patio.’ Well, the pergola is not exactly far from that.  It is that structure that resembles a gazebo, usually placed in the middle of a garden or patio.  However, unlike a gazebo, which is most likely to have a enclosed roof to shade those under it from the direct rays of the sun or the pouring rain, the roof of a pergola may not be enclosed.  Actually, most pergola designs have just intersecting or horizontal slabs of material placed next to each other, like a trellis where vines or wisteria are allowed to grow.

The use of a pergola has evolved from being just a place where you can see citrus fruits are grown around it to an area where homeowners can entertain guests, have tea or simply enjoy the sun but with a bit of shade.  This is precisely the reason why there is a need to have furniture to match this installation. Alas, compared to a gazebo, a Garden Treasures pergola evokes a more summery, foreign feel, whereas a gazebo is more related to a romantic and Old World yet stately feel.

Having a pergola built or installed in one’s patio or garden has slowly seen a re-emergence of sorts in terms of popularity for the past few years.  People these days seem to want a piece of nature in their houses, but not as heavy-handed like a gazebo.  This makes a pergola a perfect place for people to do a bit of relaxation from their stressful lives.  With some nature and a lot of solitude and quiet, it can be a perfect retreat for some within their house.

Some homeowners also use the pergola to not just sunbathe or read a book, but also as dining areas where families can enjoy casual meals.  After all, the top of the structures does  not really expose the people under it to too much sun, as the vines provide shade.   Moreover, friends can be entertained in this area for a decadent afternoon tea.  The versatility of the Garden Treasures pergola makes it a must for homeowners on the loop with chic yet practical home ideas.  For those who want to add a dash of luxury to their house, a pergola is an easy solution.

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